Spires of churches in Prague old Town

Prague, the city of a hundred spires

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As like as other towns also Prague has some nicknames. One of the famous is “The city of a hundred spires” or “The city of one hundred spires” (Stovezata Praha in Czech language).

So, is it true? Has Prague really 100 spires? This name come from beginning of 19th century and the author was Josef Hormayer – Czech writer. Number of spires in Prague was 103 as it was counted by Czech mathematician Bernard Bolzano.

In these days Prague has more than 500 spires. Are you interesting to come and count them?
Here is small list of some interesting spires:

This picture of Krizovnicke square (Krizovnicke namesti) with the Church of St. Francesco of Assisi (Kostel Svateho Frantiska z Assisi) in the middle and Clementium on the right was taken from the Charles Bridge.

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