Prague Loreto carillon in the Clock Towek

Prague carillon in the Clock Tower of Loreta

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Thanks its location Loreto (or Loreta) in Hradcany area is one of the most photogenic building in Prague. It is worth to visit this historical place in the late afternoon when the sun illuminates Loreta pilgrim place with soft light. Thanks wide free space around there are no annoying shadows.

One of the most interesting parts of Loreta is its famous Prague carillon on the Clock tower. The first time the Loreto bells rang in Prague on 15 August 1695.
The author of all thirty bells was Claudy Fremy (Amsterdam town bell-founder), who made them for Eberhard von Glauchau, the rich merchant from the Lesser Town.

You can hear the bells of Prague carillon every hour thanks pantomusos mechanism in the Clock tower, so you can hear various melodies. The Loreto carillon can be controlled also by two and half octave keyboard on which various compositions are played during church holidays.

You will find this unique place not far away from Prague Castle. From the main entrance to Prague Castle continue up to the hill to Pohorelec through Loretanska street. Loreta will be on the right in Loretanske square opposite to Cerninsky Palace today seat of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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