Prague Pictures Prague Picture and Photo Blog,2005:05578e8ed5fc3a83d8b9af488aa0f0b1 Textpattern 2008-09-11T15:21:10Z Marek Czech-man 2007-06-03T13:12:38Z 2007-06-03T13:12:38Z Tyn Church in Prague Old Town Square,2007-06-03:05578e8ed5fc3a83d8b9af488aa0f0b1/acd225766bd1879990abe73855937f4a <p>The real name for <a href="">Tyn Cathedral is The Church of Our Lady before Tyn (Kostel Matky Boží před Týnem)</a> and it is great Gothic dominant of <a href="">Prague Old Town Square</a>.</p> <p>The history of this former Romanesque Church comes back to the 12th century. The main <a href="">Gothic rebuilding of Tyn Church</a> is from time between 14th and 15th century.</p> <p><a href="">The Tyn Church</a> was hit by fire in 1679 and the gothic dome of the main nave has been reconstructed in the early Baroque style. Parts of the original Gothic structure have been kept.</p> <p>If you think that <a href="">the Tyn Church Twin Towers</a> are identical you are wrong. One of them is in fact a bit more solid and it is said that it represents the man – the stronger side of family.</p> Czech-man 2007-04-26T16:49:05Z 2007-04-26T16:49:05Z Brevnov Monastery - the first friary in Prague,2007-04-26:05578e8ed5fc3a83d8b9af488aa0f0b1/cb95925e1f3fc279b2d4fb3c52eecdb1 <p>Even if <a href="">the Brevnov Monastery (Brevnovsky klaster)</a> is not in the main tourist route it is wort seeing it. It is one of the Baroque buildings which was designed by Dientzenhofers as well as <a href="">St. Nicholas Cathedral in Mala Strana</a>.</p> <p>The main building of <a href="">the Brevnov Monastery</a> is <a href="">Church of St. Margaret which</a> was decorated by painter Brandl. I love especially <a href="">paintings on the vaults</a>, where you can find also functional clock.</p> <p>If you would like to <a href="">get inside of the St. Margaret Church</a> and see the Crypt and the Abbot residence you have to come on Saturday or Sunday in 10 am or 2 pm and take part in guided tour.</p> <p>And how to get <a href="">to the Brevnov Monastery</a>? It is easy, just take the tram No. 22 and get off in station “Brevnovsky klaster”.</p> Czech-man 2007-03-30T14:29:07Z 2007-03-30T14:29:07Z Spring in Prague,2007-03-30:05578e8ed5fc3a83d8b9af488aa0f0b1/8fc290dfe17b731fc35cfcb799638081 <p>Here is example of one of them. It is <a href="">on the Petrin hill</a> near upper station of <a href="">funicular from Ujezd</a> and this beautiful Magnolia tree you can find near <a href="">Strahov rose garden</a>.</p> <p>On the left you can see <a href="">Stefanik observatory (Stefanikova Hvezdarna)</a>.</p> Czech-man 2007-03-24T01:21:00Z 2007-03-23T20:05:13Z Prague through the window of Old Town Bridge Tower,2007-03-23:05578e8ed5fc3a83d8b9af488aa0f0b1/e54d3c8191090571d570285004144967 <p>This unconventional <a href="">picture of the Charles Bridge</a> and <a href="">Lesser Town</a> was taken <a href="">from Old Town Bridge Tower</a> through the window. </p> <p>I made a lot of pictures from the top of the tower but tho most pleasant was this one taken when I climbed <a href="">up to the Old Town Bridge Tower</a>.</p> <p>And one tip for low budget travellers: you can take this picture free of charge, because ticket for entrance <a href="">to the Old Town Bridge Tower</a> are sold in the upper level of this tower .</p> Czech-man 2007-03-06T10:08:00Z 2007-03-01T23:36:29Z Unattended tables under Charles Bridge,2007-03-02:05578e8ed5fc3a83d8b9af488aa0f0b1/b15ef0be4f935534e1002c32e7e660ea <p>It is unbelievable <a href="">that in Prague</a> can be so much snow. On this picture you can almost measure it.</p> <p>These tables and chairs you find in beer garden Lavka just <a href="">under Charles Bridge</a> on the <a href="">Old Town side river bank</a>. In winter it is closed but during summer you can <a href="">enjoy Vltava River</a> and <a href="">mainly the Charles Bridge from bottom perspective</a>.</p> Czech-man 2007-03-03T02:36:00Z 2007-04-19T08:37:50Z Winter Lesser Town covered by snow,2007-03-01:05578e8ed5fc3a83d8b9af488aa0f0b1/8d696759804cc0718472380e8340312a I like this contrast of white snow and red roofs. That is probably the point why <a href="">Lesser Town has so many winter pictures</a>.</p> <p>This photo was taken from Krizovnicke square <a href="">near Charles Bridge</a> on the left side <a href="">of Old Town Bridge Tower</a>.</p> Czech-man 2007-02-27T05:33:49Z 2007-02-27T05:33:49Z Vltava River embankment with Prague Castle and Charles Bridge,2007-02-27:05578e8ed5fc3a83d8b9af488aa0f0b1/cf5f122535275d71fce32c8c3334c30f <p>This spot (for GPS lovers 50°5’3.27”N,14°24’48.03”E) you can find <a href="">between National Theatre</a> and Novotneho Lavka on the <a href="">left bank of Vltava river</a>.</p> Czech-man 2007-02-17T00:13:00Z 2007-02-16T21:09:26Z Tree building in Prague Monastery courtyard,2007-02-16:05578e8ed5fc3a83d8b9af488aa0f0b1/1bc13cefb7b010b3371b564acc7a4440 <p>As <a href="">I promised in the last post</a> I add today the picture of the perfect interconnection of the tree and building in the Strahov Monastery courtyard. </p> <p>Some of the doors and windows are almost eaten by the branches of the creepers and trees. It is also very interesting during the summer.</p> <p>So, I have to say again: <a href="">do not miss the Strahov Monastery courtyard</a> ;-).</p> Czech-man 2007-02-10T00:57:00Z 2007-02-09T17:19:39Z Spires of Strahov Monastry,2007-02-09:05578e8ed5fc3a83d8b9af488aa0f0b1/a5c8eac33271617fa1b9e48eda00d8e0 <p>Do not be shy and enter <a href="">the gate of the Strahov Premonstratensian Monastery</a> which takes you to the courtyard. There you can enjoy nice interconnection of the creepers and buildings (I am going to post picture of it next time).</p> <p>You can also find here the Strahov gallery, but as I am not art lover I have not been inside and I can not tell if it is worth a visit. But I am sure that <a href="">the architecture of the Strahov Monastery</a> is wort seeing also from the courtyard.</p> Czech-man 2007-02-06T12:19:36Z 2007-02-06T12:19:36Z Strahov Monastery Gate,2007-02-06:05578e8ed5fc3a83d8b9af488aa0f0b1/09d2c1c9660322a67021a1202593fcf3 <p>When you are leaving <a href="">the Strahov Monastery complex</a> the main way come through this gate and leads you directly to the gardens of Strahov Monastery with the magnificent view of Prague Old Town, <a href="">Lesser Town</a> and of course <a href="">also Prague Castle</a>.</p> <p>I brought in the past some <a href="">pictures of St. Nicholas Cathedral in Lesser Town</a> and also <a href="">St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle</a> which were taken from the viewing platform in the gardens.</p>