Picture of Church of Saint Peter and Paul in Prague Vysehrad Castle

Church of St. Peter and Paul

Quarter: Vysehrad Theme: Architecture

One of the very important place in Prague history is complex of Vysehrad Castle. The biggest dominant of this complex, which you can see also from Prague Castle and many other places in Prague center is this the Church of St. Peter and Paul.

Romanesque Basilica of St. Peter and Paul from 11th century was rebuild in the days of the King Charles IV (14th century) in Gothic style. In the early of 18th century by Giovanni Santini design was the Church rebuilt to Baroque style .

The present look come from Mocker Neogothic changeover which starts in 1885 and was finished in 1903.
You can compare spires of Church of St. Peter and Paul with Prague Castle St. Vitus Cathedral spires which comes from the same time.

This picture of St. Peter and Paul Church was taken from the Railway Bridge over Vltava River near Cubist Kovarovic Villa.
Once you are in Vysehrad Castle do not forget to see Slavin cemetery and also Rotunda of Saint Martin from 10th century.

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