St. Nicholas Church - the gem of Prague Baroque

Quarter: Lesser Town Theme: Architecture

St. Nicholas Church with it’s robust dome and thin bell-tower is one of the leading baroque constructions in Europe and is usually defined as being the most beautiful building of Prague baroque.

The Church of St. Nicholas was erected in the natural centre of Lesser Town, where the Parish Church of St. Nicholas stood as early as in 1283.

The main architectural design was made by Krystof Dientzenhofer and his son Kilian Ignac Dientzenhofer between 1702 – 1752. It was Kilián who designed the unique vault and robust dome, which became one of the Prague’s main landmarks.

This picture was taken from gardens below Strahov Monastery . You can compare this picture with similar picture of the St. Nicholas Church taken from Prague Castle.

Opening hours
March – October 9 – 17 daily
November – February 9 – 16 daily

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