Pearl of Prague cubist architecture - Kovarovic Villa

Prague Cubist architecture - Kovarovic Villa

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The most famous peace of Cubist architecture in Prague is no doubt House of Black Madonna in Celetna street. But my favorite place which I would like to introduce to cubism lovers is Kovarovic Villa. So here is the picture of it.

The main reason why Kovarovic Villa is No.1 for me is that not only the building, but all parts such as entrance or paling is also in the Cubist esprit. Only the trees grow up in their own non geometric way ;-) .

This pearl of Prague Cubist architecture you can find on the right bank of Vltava River by the Railway Bridge right below the Vysehrad complex (do not miss Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, St. Martin Rotunda and also Vysehrad Slavin Cemetery on your holiday).

Posted: Praha, Aug 14, 17:55 by Czech-man.

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